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Access to Innovation
ImmInspect is an authorized participant of the Law Society of Ontario's Access to Innovation program. is an authorized participant of the Law Society of Ontario's Access to Innovation Program (A2I). is deemed compliant with legislation regarding provision of legal services in Ontario. is committed to providing legal tech innovations to help the public prepare their immigration applications, while protecting their rights, personal information and data. Learn more about the LSO's Access to Innovation program.
Continued compliance
Monitoring and the Law Society of Ontario have an agreement to allow for continued compliance to protect the public, including monitoring our services and quarterly reporting.
Peace of mind
Insured carries comprehensive liability insurance, including coverage for errors and omissions.


Our technology may not capture all information accurately or consider every factor that could impact your application.

We only review applications. It is your responsibility to carefully review your application and make changes if appropriate. It is also your responsibility to submit your application if you wish to apply.
No Legal Services

We provide a finding. This may or may not be helpful for you. Due to Canadian law, we cannot tell you what to do, provide advice or recommendations since we are not a law firm. Contact a Canadian immigration lawyer if you are unsure how to proceed with your review, or need legal advice.
No Success Guaranteed

Your application may be refused for many reasons not captured by our review. We check for many things, but we cannot guarantee, warrant or promise that your application will be accepted, error-free or complete.
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Data and Security

We care about data

At, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. We want you to rest assured that your information is treated with care.

User data is deleted after three days

You have the option to delete all your data, forms, and documents at any time using a simple button click. Additionally, we automatically remove all documents and extracted data after three days.

Enhanced Security with Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA)

We have enabled Multi-Factor Authenticator. You can activate this after creating an account.

Encrypted data stores user data on SupaBase, a third-party database. User data is securely stored and encrypted using AES 256-bit at rest and TLS in transit.

Servers in Canada and in Europe

By default, we host our servers in Canada. If you are a resident or citizen of Europe, you have the option to use our European services to comply with regional data protection regulations.

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