What does do?

We provide a proofreading service for Canadian study and work permit applications. We provide an online tool, powered by a machine-learning algorithm, to identify errors and inconsistencies that could lead to delays or refusals.

Can really improve my application?

Yes, our reviews focus on making sure that your forms, documents and other information provided is complete, accurate and error-free. We provide some helpful information about your specific application, like mandatory forms and supporting documents.

What happens if finds errors in my application?

You will receive a report detailing any detected errors, allowing you to correct them before submission if

What type of errors can detect?

Our algorithm is designed to detect inconsistencies in personal information, outdated forms, document expiry issues, and more, encompassing over 60 different potential errors. Learn more here.

Does provide legal advice?

No, does not provide legal advice. is not a law firm. We offer an online proofreading and review service. If you need legal guidance, please consult a licensed lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer if reviews my application?

Our review is thorough but does not replace the comprehensive assessment and advice a lawyer or registered consultant can provide, especially for complex immigration cases.

Does change my forms?

No, we do not change any forms. We provide you with information. We never make recommendations. Carefully review our information and your application. Conduct your own research. It is your responsibility to make any changes. If unsure how to proceed, contact a Canadian immigration lawyer.

Does offer support?

We offer limited supported by email and live chat. If you have a question about a specific finding in our review, we will try to help you. However, we cannot provide any legal advice about what you should or should not do in your application.

Do you use AI?

No, our product does not incorporate AI. Over the course of more than 1.5 years, we have meticulously researched, developed, and fine-tuned our own algorithm.

Because we are the architects of this algorithm, we possess a deep understanding of how it reviews applications and the type of insights it delivers to you. Our algorithm is the result of transforming an immigration lawyer's review process into a digital format, drawing inspiration from their expertise to ensure accuracy and relevance in our evaluations.

How does work?

Our process involves uploading your application documents to our platform, where our machine-learning algorithm checks for over 60 potential mistakes. We provide you with a report of our findings.

Is my personal information secure with

We prioritize data protection and use encrypted protocols to safeguard your information. We also comply with privacy laws to ensure confidentiality. Learn more here.

How much does cost?

We charge a flat fee of $79.99 CAD per review, offering a cost-efficient solution to minimize the risk of application refusal or delay. Contact us for professional, volume pricing.

How long does the review process take with

Our reviews are practically instant. We use a machine-learning algorithm to find mistakes.

Will using ensure my application is approved?

No, does not guarantee or warrant the success of your application. Your application could be rejected for many reasons that are not captured by

What happens if I am not satisfied with

If you are not 100% satisfied with, we will provide you with a full refund. Write to to seek a refund, share feedback or file a complaint.

Does submit my application?

No, we do not submit your application. This is your responsibility.

Do you write letters of explanation?

No, we do not write letters of explanation, study plans or anything similar. We could easily create an AI program that does this, but we believe these are more authentic when written by applicants and does not fit into our mission of making error-free applications affordable to everyone.

Are you a law firm or consultant?

No, is not a law firm or consultant office. was created by an immigration lawyer, Cédric Marin. However, Cédric does not review your applications or provide any legal advice. All reviews and information are provided by an algorithm, not by humans.

Can you review applications for families?

Not yet. We are working on this. Once we launch our review for work and visit, we will launch reviews for families with more than one application.

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