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Our powerful algorithm will review your application for mistakes, validate key details and provide some helpful information—all within seconds.

Our algorithm and 60+ checks

We check documents for accuracy and completeness. We look for common and uncommon errors. We provide helpful information about your case. We validate some key details.

Our detailed findings

We explain the issue, provide an explanation and demonstrate why it's important. We also include a link to the source for further learning or information.

Statistics about your application  

We collected hundreds of pages of statistics from IRCC. We cross reference your application and provide you with these statistics, like acceptance and rejections from your country.

100% satisfaction or money back

If you are not 100% satisfied, send us an email at, explain what we could do better and we will refund you 100% of your money.

What's not included?

We created an advanced algorithm, but there are some limits. We do not make guarantees, give legal advice or modify forms.
We do not make guarantees, give legal advice or modify forms.

We cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted, error-free, or complete.

Your application could be rejected for many reasons that are not captured by our software.

We do not give legal advice, recommendations or tell you what to do. is not a law firm. Retain the services of a licensed lawyer if you are unsure how to proceed.

We do not modify forms or submit your application.

While our advanced technology minimizes mistakes, there are inherent limitations. Not every potential issue can be captured or analyzed.
Learn more about our compliance, limits and data. In addition, make sure to review our Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you upload any documents.

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