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Authorized Participant in the Law Society of Ontario's Access to Innovation Program.
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Did you know?

Almost half of study permit applications get rejected.
Refusal rate

Statistics for study permits
Source: IRCC, Jan 2022 to April 2023

13 weeks

Processing time
Source: IRCC, April 17, 2024

Use our free StudyInsight tool for processing time by country.

What does ImmInspect review for study permits?

We review for mistakes, help improve your application and provide helpful information.

If you do not have sufficient funds for your studies

Proof of funds and financial support requirements were updated on January 1, 2024. We verify your application meets the minimum amount.

If your passport is expired or information is inconsistent

Mismatches between application forms and documents may cause your application to be returned.

If you require an attestation letter, medical exam or police certificate

Lack of required documents may result in rejection or processing delays.

If you're using an outdated or wrong form

The IMM1294 form was updated on December 1, 2023. We ensure you use the latest version to prevent a rejection.

If you did not disclose information or gaps in time.

Previous countries of residence, previous education, previous employment - are your application forms complete?

And more than 60+ checks for your application

Rules for minors, supporting documents based on your country or marital status, and much more.

If there are internal contradictions

For instance, having a UCI but denying previous applications to Canada, or applying for a graduate program without disclosing prior education.

How to improve your applications

We provide information on additional documents that might be beneficial, like letters of support and other documents.

If family members can accompany

The IMM1294 form was updated on December 1, 2023. We ensure you use the latest version to prevent a rejection.

Study permit reviews for the 21st century finds mistakes, helps you improve your application and validates key findings. Powered by an algorithm. Created by a Canadian immigration lawyer.
You upload your IMM1294, application forms, passport and other documents.
We use our algorithm to review your application, and provide you with insights within seconds at an affordable price.

Examples of our review

Curious? Submit your IMM1294 and passport for three FREE findings from our study permit review. No account or credit card needed.
Passport expiration
The passport expires within the next 6 months.
Your passport will expire in less than 6 months.

IRCC will issue your study permit only until the passport expiry.

Why is this important?
By law, IRCC is unable to issue study permits that extend beyond the expiry date of your passport. However, you have the option to extend your study or work permit after arriving in Canada once you have obtained a new passport.
Insufficient funds
You may need more funds
As per IRCC proof of funds, you may have insufficient proof of funds. Tuition will cost $24,000, but you indicated that you only have $40,000 available.

You may need, at the very minimum, $20,635 CAD plus the cost of tuition for the first year and the cost of transportation. You may need more money if you have more family members, or if you are applying to the province of Quebec.

Why is this important?
At section 220 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, the Regulation specifies that a study permit applicants needs to demonstrate “sufficient and available funds, without working in Canada” to pay tuition, maintain themself and pay the cost of transportation to Canada.

Having insufficient funds or failing to provide sufficient proof of funds is a common reason for a study permit application to be rejected. The supporting documents needed to demonstrate sufficient proof of funds varies based on your situation.
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No Provincial Attestation Required
Some applications require this document
What we checked?
The majority of study permit applications require a Provincial Attestation Letter before applying for a study permit.

Since you are admitted to a Masters degree, you do not require this document.

Why is this important?
Without a Provincial Attestation Letter, your application would be returned as incomplete.
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Good to know...

Applying for a study permit can be challenging, especially with a high refusal rate. We've made it easy and affordable to get an error-free application.
What does review for study permits?

We have specific checks for study permits, like proof of funds, PGWP eligibility, intended study program, and supporting documents specific to students. In total, we check for more than 70+ issues. We also give you statistics on approvals by country and school.

What documents do you review?

We currently review your passport and immigration forms, like the imm1294. In the near future, we will review language exams, letters of admissions and more.

How long does the review process take?

Less than one minute. We provide a quick, but thorough review in seconds. How? We use an algorithm to check your forms and documents.

Do you write study plans?

No, our review process focuses on ensuring that documents and forms are error-free. We provide some helpful information on other documents that could be helpful. We do not write study plans.

Can I trust you?

Of course. was built by a Canadian immigration lawyer. participates in the Legal Innovation Program of the Law Society of Ontario to ensure that consumers are protected, and data is handled with care.

Can I try it for free?

Yes. Upload your forms, and we will provide you with a preview of our review for free. No account or credit card required.

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